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Day 14: Creator’s Choice

Merlin Cast Fest  ► Angel Coulby Week
Day Seven: Creator’s Choice
Angel Coulby & Katie McGrath talk to SFX

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"Who’s got the whole package?"

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"I’ve been really lucky with the people that I’ve worked with. And I’ve been tremendously lucky with the types of characters that I’ve had to play. But it’s very clear that there are less roles for women than there are for men.… It’s a very crowded pool and a lot of the scripts that are really great are coming to quite a number of us [female actresses] and you have to fight for it.”

If he’s so good, why don’t you just give him the job?
He’s seriously boring. I’ve never met anyone so dull. The man makes jokes about brass.

I dug a single seed into the ground I hope it grows, in a year or two if you’re around you’ll see a rose.


Beautiful flowers by Mary Parker


Books!!!! on We Heart It.


Books!!!! on We Heart It.


"You have made your decision.
Sealed your fate.
And that of your kingdom.”